The places I've impacted .. 

SWE / Machine Learning Intern, Nexilico Inc.

Was responsible for developing optimization algorithms, curating datasets, building deep learning models, and evaluating performance and success metrics.

Throughout my internship, I developed and prototyped ML systems, optimized data analysis and large programs, and built deep learning models. The integral aspect of my internship was that I was working on several projects at once, including parts of the company's main product. This allowed me to develop my experience in ML, as well as general software engineering. 

Engineering Lead, The YX Foundation

AI/ML development with the goal of counteracting the harm of tech on BIPOC communities worldwide. 

Current Role: Engineering Lead
Skills: AI/ML development, project management, research
Achievements: prototyping our first product, leading a team of over 10 student software engineers 

CS61C Academic Intern, Tutor

Helping students master the content of CS61C: Machine Structures, first as an Academic Intern, then as a tutor in the EECS department. 

Responsibilities: (1) Developing & curating lessons to complement current projects, labs, and lecture (2) Helping students debug large projects in C & RISC-V (3) Being available in office hours to answer any questions or provide guidance, whether it be personal or academic 

Media Tech & Business Development Lead, Cactus Int.

Beginning as an intern with Cactus, then going onto become the Media Tech & Business Development Lead, my main responsibilities fell in outreach & design. I curated the core company design, branding, etc., as well as developing the website. 

Cactus Int. is a remote-based start up that works to empower Arab women with resources & guidance to become entrepreneurs.

Founder & Chair of The Chancellor Advisory Committee on Student Life

After quickly realizing UC Berkeley had not yet become inclusive of students, I founded the advisory committee. Through the committee, we have initiated: 

- open and persistent prayer spaces for Muslim students 
- more inclusive coursework 
- began the process of a new study abroad program
- advised the chancellor and her staff on language in statements, Ramadan accommodations, etc.

My role as chair also means I facilitate coordination between administration, faculty, community members, staff and students. We meet with higher campus administration once a semester, and other lower level administrators at least biweekly.

Senior Advisor to ASUC Senator Manzoor

Currently working on a project to streamline the campus room booking system in Java.